Yulia Efros Florence
Londen Gabriela Tallman

Brief Encounters is a collection of people I have met. Maybe our paths crossed for a mere 15 seconds or maybe for a more substantial 15 minutes. Nevertheless, the encounters were all brief. Some people told me their life story, others didn't even reveal their name. It depended on the day, my mood, the weather, the country, the language, my surroundings, and everything really. It depended on the person. It always depends on the person.

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The day before valentines day I was out taking photos on the streets of Florence, Italy and met Rick from New York. He was traveling through Europe by himself. He talked about being in 3 wars and having his heart broken after a 9 month relationship. He hates the way he looks and writes about tragic things. He is permanently disabled from PTSD and says, "You won't believe the things I have seen."