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Venice seen how I believe the world wants me to see Venice

Arguably one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, Venice left me awestruck. For my photography class my professor told us to submit some of our favorite photos we took in Venice over the weekend. In class we reviewed the photos in front of our peers. When my photos flashed on screen, they were clicked past quickly and met with silence and a crowd that was more interested in their phones. What was my problem? Editing. I hadn't narrowed down my photos enough which usually is not an issue for me. I started thinking why I couldn't narrow them down. Sitting in class looking at my favorite photographs be shooed off the screen without so much as a glance, I realized I had two different bodies of work. This made the editing process as instant as a Polaroid in my head. I had shot Venice the way I thought I should shoot Venice and only at moments I had let my own voice come through. Two different voices call for two different blog posts. This is Venice seen how I believe my teachers, peers, Instagram followers, and employers want me to see Venice. Don't get me wrong, I like these photos, but they are only partially my voice. It is my voice with reverb and a melody and a steady beat. It is my voice that shows range because that is what the judges want at an audition, not because that is how I like to sing.

Arriving in Venice eager to take photos and taking in the sights like water on a hot, humid day.

Our tour guide and a professor at Kent State Florence, Fabrizio, laying down some knowledge.

Nicola, a boater I met who was tying up his boat to land.

Had his name, forgot his name. I'm not a photo journalist people. Also don't know if he was giving me permission to take his photo or telling me to get away. He didn't speak much English. So I just went for it.

The best Cappuccino

My roommates lunch was just begging to be photographed.

In the cafe I decided to try a little Henri Cartier Bresson. I waited for the "decisive moment" when to take a shot. It was fun to sit in one spot and see what could activate my frame naturally.

This is the only photo my professor seemed to respond to. I hate this photo. It was only submitted because I accidentally forgot to delete it. That is life. That explains my brain.



Don't cry. You are in the prettiest city.

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