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Red- A World About to Dawn

Today in class we were given an hour and a half to go shoot four photos. We needed to get two photos of tourists and find out their names and where they were from. We also had to get a photo of a reflection and a photo of the color red. I spent the first 30 minutes walking to my friends apartment so he could get a jacket, and walking to my apartment to get my camera. I knew I had to set aside 30 minutes to walk back to the school, edit the photos, add captions, and email them to my professor. This left me 30 minutes to shoot. Naturally, I spent more time trying to talk to tourists and get their photos. Very little time was spent on the color red, but after looking at the photos I did get all together I ended up enjoying the cohesive nature they present as a series. Eventually as the semester goes on I hope to give myself more 30 minute color challenges. After taking a color photography class last semester and learning about color and color relationships more in-depth it has changed the way I view color and in turn the world. Everything has become more vibrant.

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