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iPhone Photography: A walk to school

I don't always carry my Canon 6D on me. Sometimes I like to leave the house without it. Its heavy, and it always brings me attention that I don't aways like to have. Especially being in a different place. Its as if my Canon is just an expensive device that is meant to tell the world, "HEY, LOOK AT ME!!! I am a tourist!" Sometimes I like to blend in, and appreciate my surroundings. I like to gain inspiration from the people and architecture that surround me. Like a clingy boyfriend, I don't like having something hang from my neck But don't be mistaken, I always have a camera on me. My iPhone is always on and charged, ready to capture the world around me. It is so much less about equipment and more about the way I see the world.

These were all taken on my walk to school. No stopping,

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