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Berlin, Germany

I went to Berlin earlier this year and it was such an interesting place that I enjoyed immensely.

First we started off with a trip to the Berlin Wall were we discussed current times and how little the world has progressed.

Details of the Berlin Wall.

The thing I loved most about Berlin was how many photography museums, galleries, and exhibitions there seemed to be. After being in Florence for so long it was so amazing to enter a city that embraced the contemporary aspects of art so wholeheartedly.

The entrance way to Camera Work art gallery where I viewed an exhibition of Thomas Billhardt's work.

C | O Berlin was an incredible museum that focused on photography and contemporary art.

One of the exhibitions was called Watched! and it focused on the idea of society today and the many ways technology is entering itself into our lives.

Me in a security camera view that was focused on people who entered the exhibition.

This photo series was amazing. The photographer found a black and white google street view photo and went to that location to find a colorful detail.

Then I got the chance to go to the Museum of Photography which was a dream. We viewed an exhibition of Helmut Newton's photos.

And then what is Berlin without a little design appreciation? That is right folks, we went to the Bauhaus.

Look at this type. Drool.

Me at the Bauhaus.

Over all Berlin was just a really fun, unique, colorful city.

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