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Dublin. A beautiful place. A place where I unfortunately didn't take many photos. Distracted from creating, I formed relationships with locals and enjoyed a relaxing trip. I only spent two days in the quaint city, but I will go back one day. When I do, I will take more photos. For now- here are some tourist snapshots of one of my favorite places.

Our hostel.

We went to Guinness of course.

The perfect pour.


One of my roommates and her boyfriend sipping on a drink at lunch.

We found the most perfect bookstore and cafe.

The second day my roommate Jacqueline and I decided to spend the entire day at a type high workshop at the National Print Museum. It was one of the best decisions. We got to the museum early and spent the morning in the adjacent cafe. It was a designer's dream.

We also enjoyed lunch at the cafe.

The workshop was taught by a professor all the way from Kansas, but the attendees were mostly all from Dublin. One woman with an Irish accent asked me about what I was thinking of doing after college. I told her about the amazing offer I had accepted the day before from Time Inc in Birmingham. Her face lit up. Turns out the accent had formed from living with her Irish boyfriend and attending college in Ireland. She was actually from Alabama and went on and on about how amazing Birmingham was.

Photos from the workshop.

On the streets of Dublin we spotted this hungry little guy.

Ended our trip with dinner at the oldest bar in Ireland!

And of course we needed to have one last Guinness.

I love you Dublin.

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